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Small Claims Court is now literally at your finger tips. Here’s how it works:
Establish an account , fill out our custom on-line form with facts about your claim and remit your credit card information
A reference number will be issued so you can track your submission and know exactly where we are in the process.
We then file your claim with the court and will upload the conformed claim onto the website which will contain your hearing date and case number. You can log-in into your account at any time and check status.
Your claim is now out for service of process with a bonded and licensed process server. A status clerk at is always available should you have questions about status on service of process.
Once the defendant is served, you will be notified by e-mail. If the address given is invalid, offers investigative services to locate the defendant.
We prepare and file the proof of service with the court. A conformed copy of the proof will be uploaded to your account and e-mailed to you.
If the submitted address is no good, we do charge $65 to attempt a new address and would only do so with your approval.
If the defendant (s) cannot be served in a timely manner and you wish to obtain a new hearing (re-set), our fee to prepare and file the re-set with the court clerk is $65. We also charge $65 to attempt service of process on the re-set.
At no time do we have access to your credit card information, so you will be invoiced for any additional expenses. We will not proceed on any additional charges without consulting with you first.
Remember, if you win your case you can ask the judge to include all of your expenses in the judgment.

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