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Private Process Server Wage Garnishment / Bank Levy

In almost 15 years of collecting on various size judgments, we have found that the quickest, easiest and most effective tool is the Bank Levy and/or Wage Garnishment. The key, of course, and the most difficult step is to find your judgment debtors' assets (i.e. Bank Accounts, Place of Employment) performs Private Process Server Bank Levies and Garnishments in all 58 California counties. In fact, in seven counties (mostly in Northern California) the Sheriff no longer performs these Bank Levies/Wage Garnishments. The biggest advantage of using a Private Process Server is that the levy can be performed immediately as long as the Writ of Execution has been issued. When the funds are available to satisfy (or partially satisfy) your judgment, the account needs to be levied immediately. The Sheriff will perform the levy, but who knows when? A Judgment Creditor cannot instruct the Sheriff (or Marshall) when to levy on a bank account! Your local sheriff will perform the levy on their time. However, by the time the Sheriff serves the bank, your money may be gone. offers Private Process Server levies in every California County.

• The preparation, issuance and $25.00 fee for the Writ of Execution.
• The preparation of all documents needed for the Bank Levy/Wage Garnishment.
• Initiating the case with the Sheriff and paying $30.00 fee.
• The Service of Process on the Financial Institution and/or place of employment.
• The preparation and filing of the Proof of Service at the Sheriff.

Statewide Package………………..$260.00

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Statewide Package (Without Writ of Execution filing)…..$195.00

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