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Lien on Real Property

An Abstract of Judgment puts a lien on any land, house, or other building the Judgment Debtor owns in the county in which the Abstract is Recorded. If the property is sold and/or re-financed, after your lien has been filed, you will be paid your judgment from the proceeds of the sale or re-finance. Abstracts are recorded are on a county by county basis. Based on what California County(ies) you believe the Judgment Debtor owns real property, the Abstract is recorded at the County Recorders office(s). You will tell us what counties you want the Abstract recorded.

How it works: Filing and recording Abstract of Judgments is a two step process. The Abstract is first filed with the Clerk in the court in which your case was heard (if 30 days has passed since your judgment was entered). The second part of this service is to file an original Abstract of Judgment in each County Recorders' office that you direct us to.'s fees are:
Prepare and file Abstract at Court of Record: $75.00
Court filing fee: $25.00
Each County Recorded $75.00
Recorder fee, per county approx. $21.00

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