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Statewide Fee………………..$85.00 plus filing fee ($25.00) will produce and file your Writ of Execution. At no additional cost, we will file the Memorandum of Costs to include the interest accrued (10%). Simply answer the following questions.

Customer Name:

Did assist you in the filing and/or serving of the Plaintiff’s Claim and Order to go to Small Claims Court?

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If “Yes”, what was your Claim I.D.:
$$ amount of your judgment, including court costs awarded:
Date of Judgment:
Have you collected any part of this judgment? Yes No
If “Yes”, how much:
Have you previously filed a Writ of Execution in this case? Yes No
If you are a company, what is name of your Legal Representative? will be e-mailing you the Memorandum of Costs for your signature within the next 2-3 business days. Afterwards, we will be submitting the Writ of Execution and the Memorandum of Costs, along with the $25.00 filing fee, to the Small Claims Court where your case was heard. All courts are different, however, your Writ of Execution should be filed (issued) within 5 court days from the submission to the court.
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If “no”, answer the following questions:  
Plaintiff’s Name:
Plaintiff’s Address:
Plaintiff phone number:

Court of record (which Small Claims Courthouse):

Case Number:
Which County would you like to utilize this Writ of Execution:
Date of Judgment:
Amount of Judgment (include court costs included on your judgment):
Judgment Debtor #1 Name:
Judgment Debtor #1 Address:
Judgment Debtor #2 Name:
Judgment Debtor #2 Address:
Have you collected any part or this judgment? Yes No
If Yes, how much:
If you are a company, name of your Legal Representative:
**If you have a copy of the court judgment, please e-mail this to us. Be sure to include your reference number on the “subject” line of the e-mail.
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