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Default Package for the Oregon Circuit Court of the State of Oregon

This includes every county in Oregon


Within 14 days after receiving the Notice of Claim the defendant(s) must do one of the following things in writing:

Pay the claim plus filing fees and service expenses paid by the plaintiff (sending payment directly to the plaintiff, not to the court) OR

Demand a hearing and pay the fee required OR

Demand a jury trial and pay the fee required. This option is available only if the amount claimed is more than $750.00.

If the defendant(s) fails to do one of the above within 14 days* after they receive the Notice of Claim, the plaintiff may ask the court to enter a judgment against the defendant(s). The judgment amount will be for the amount of the claim, plus filing fees and service costs paid by the plaintiff, plus a prevailing party fee. If the defendant(s) does not respond in a timely manner because they are in active military service, the court may make concessions.

*NOTE: If the plaintiff is an inmate (ORS 30.642) and the defendant is a government agency or public body (ORS 30.260) the defendant must respond within 30 days after receiving the Notice of Claim. will generate and file your request for default judgment for $90.00.

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