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As with all 50 states, California has a special court designed to hear disputes registered by plaintiffs and to solve such disputes quickly and efficiently without significant cost. This special court is called Small Claims Court. The California Small Claims Court is one that does not complicate the legal process as with most other courts in California, with trials by jury, attorneys and extraneous legal maneuvering. It is one of simplicity and the hearings themselves are largely informal.

Small claims are maximized at $10000 for consumers and $5000 for legal entities such as partnerships, corporations, government bodies, etc. The actual number of times you can file in small claims court in excess of $2500 is limited in the State of California in any given year. You can file as many small claims court cases as you wish as long as they are under the $2500.00 line of demarcation. 

Those are just some of the specifics when dealing with filing a small claims case in a California special court. Your use of makes absolute perfect sense. We handle just about everything for you, from the filing of the complaint in all 58 counties in California, to service of process by our bonded process servers, to post judgment remedies. We also can prepare and file defendant claims, notice to appeal, motions to vacate and continuances. 

Our Small Claims Court service is designed to take the guesswork out of the filing of a complaint and all that goes with it. We are experienced California legal professionals having filed over 3000 Small Claims Court cases and have over 15 years of experience that you can count on. is prepared to serve your needs when filing a plaintiff complaint in California's small claims court or in filing and preparing a defendant's claim. You can call our legal professionals for status of your claim at any time during the process and we have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.

Outsource your California small claims cases to the professionals!

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