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8/4/2010 9:12:19 PM

You have been sued or initiated a lawsuit in small claims court California. The documents are filed and your court date is approaching. Now what? Now is the time to start preparing for your hearing.

When you are before the judge in small claims court California, you will have the opportunity to say, in your own words, your side of the story. It is important to remember, however, that the judge was not there when the alleged incidents took place, so the more proof you have, the stronger your case will be. Proof you can bring to the courtroom includes (but is not limited to) witnesses, photographs, contracts, receipts, small items (if your dress was damaged by dry cleaning, for example, you could bring the dress), etc.

Do not try to enhance your evidence or tamper with it in any way. Altering photos or documents will make you look dishonest and raise doubts in the judge’s mind about your ethics. Judges in small claims court California strive to be fair. If you present your evidence honestly, your side of the story will be considered fairly.

You may also use this time to observe hearings. Small claims court California is open to the public. You can sit in on a few cases to get an idea of what to expect on your trial date. If you are nervous about telling your story, ask a friend to observe a case or two with you. Then you can practice what you want to say with them or in front of a mirror. While it may seem silly to do this at first, it will ultimately go a long way to calming your nerves and recalling information you wanted to present on the date of your hearing.

Finally, spend some time considering what you will wear to court. It is inappropriate to wear revealing or provocative clothing in the courtroom. It is taken as a sign of disrespect and will work against you. You should be comfortable and well presented. Avoid track suits, sweat pants, shorts and anything dirty, ill-fitting, torn or worn out. Wear clothes that show the judge you respect yourself and the legal establishment.

It would be difficult not to be nervous when summoned to small claims court California, but if you take the time to be prepared, you will arrive confident and ready; and you will stand a much better chance of leaving with the ruling in your favor.
6/18/2010 3:41:23 AM

You are having a dispute with an individual or a client. You haven’t heard from them for several days and you believe the matter has been laid to rest. Then there is a knock on your door. A man stands there smiling. He hands you something. He’s a process server and you have just been served. You are heading to small claims court California. Now what?

Your initial reaction may be one of shock. That is understandable. The thought of being sued is a very unpleasant and scary thing. However, if you are summoned to small claims court California, you have nothing to fear. Small claims court is where disputes involving nominal sums of money are heard. While you may be asked to pay court fees for the plaintiff if you loose the case, there are no expensive lawyers or punitive damages involved.

If you are being sued in small claims court California, take some time to familiarize yourself with the process. There are several helpful websites, including that will teach you what you need to do to prepare for your hearing. If possible, sit in on a couple of cases. You will see that there is nothing to be intimidated about. A judge hears both sides of the story and issues a ruling based on law. Oftentimes the cases are just two regular people trying to solve an issue. The average person does not have an in-depth knowledge of the law; therefore, a judge is the perfect impartial party to help solve minor disputes involving legal issues.

Try not to think about the plaintiff with hostility. It may be difficult for him or her to confront you directly or he or she may feel that you wouldn’t be fair. Rather than dwelling on the fact that you have been sued, take that time to gather your documents, records of attempted reconciliation (if any), and other papers that will support your case. You may also consider counter-suing the plaintiff in small claims court California if you feel they owe you money or have wronged you.

Small claims court California exists to help you whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. If you have concerns about preparing for your court date, consider enlisting the services of Small Claims Department is your one-stop solution for handling small claims in California. Their years of industry knowledge and personable staff will guide you through the process and make you ready for courtroom success.

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